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Zhejiang NHU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Industrial hazardous waste incineration system (Shangyu, EPC by Durr Co., Ltd.)

basic information

Completion year: 2018.

Treatment scale: 80t/d.

Technical process: Feeding system (SMP feed + spare hoist / hydraulic pusher + waste liquid injection) Rotary kiln + secondary combustion chamber + waste heat boiler + SNCR+ quench tower + dry deacidification + activated carbon injection + baghouse filter + desulphurization tower + SCR+ wet deacidification + flue gas heater + chimney

Project features: This project is a self-built project of Zhejiang NHU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The project is characterized by high solid-liquid waste calorific value (averaging greater than 5000kcal/kg), high proportion of waste liquid (50%), as well as containing chlorine, sulfur, nitrogen and salt in the waste liquid, which makes treatment difficult. It is one of the few large-scale incineration system that treats waste with high calorific value, high salt and high pollution elements in China.

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